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Millions in Lahore chant Go Nawaz Go

It was a gigantic public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan chanting “GoNawazGo”. PTI broke all its previous records without doubt. Its a clear indication of growing popularity of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and the anger public has on the corrupt rulers destroying lives of the common citizens. The crowd just kept on growing until the whole Minar-e-Pakistan ground, surrounding roads, and the Azadi Flyover was filled with public carrying “Go Nawaz Go” slogans. N league couldn’t help itself and they placed a containers to stop people from going on the Azadi Flyover newly built in front of Minar-e-Pakistan. As if N league built it with personal money. That flyover is made with public money, however containers once again failed to stop people from going on the Azadi Flyover. In fact Azadi Flyover proved to be a great new place around the ground and people were able to have a better view from elevated position. Imran Khan was in high spirit and said that more time Nawaz Sharif will take to resign, more time he will get to go cities to cities in Pakistan and tell people about status-quo corruption and the agenda of Naya Pakistan.

Overall it was a fabulous event which displayed great passion and spirit from the participants of the jalsa as well as the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. We congratulate Lahoris on their wild support for Khan and showing their discontent from N league.

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Overseas Pakistanis rejected Nawaz Sharif in New York

Overseas Pakistanis in different parts of the world are sturdy PTI supporters. They are the biggest PTI donors and have been funding for PTI ever since its inception. This Friday PTI supporters in USA gathered in New York on a working day to protest against the corruption and election rigging of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. PM Nawaz Sharif was visiting USA to participate in the UNO conference.

Unexpected crowd was seen in front of the U.N headquarters chanting “GoNawazGo and “NoNawazNo” slogans. People traveled from different parts of USA and Canada to raise their voice against the injustice and corruption in Pakistan. Families started to gather well before the arrival of Nawaz Sharif, thousands gathered and stayed there. while a few PMLN supporters who showed up left the place. The number of PMLN supporters were embarrassing for the ruling party.

This day will be remembered for a long time in the history of New York that the Pakistani nation showed that they can stand for justice against the ruling elite. They rejected the ruling class and gave them a strong message, if they listen. Pakistani people are awakening throughout the world, and the demand for justice is getting stronger and stronger with every passing day. There are also reports on the media that Nawaz Sharif cut his trip short and coming back to Pakistan today. He was planned to stay for another day.

With this protest the American government would also understand that the time for their puppets in Pakistan is over.

For those who would like to talk about the embarrassment for Pakistan, I would like to tell them that isn’t it embarrassing for Pakistan when our key government officials are involved in corruption and rigging, and are famous for this in the whole world? What sort of message do you give to the world with the rate of loans, unemployment, poverty, crime, corruption and terrorism in Pakistan? I think this is a pride moment for the Pakistani nation as its proving to be awake and can stand for justice.

We congratulate Pakistani Americans for their actions and support for Pakistan Tehreek Insaf.

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PTI PP268 Candidate Abdul Basit Arrested shamelessly

Abdul Basit Shikrani was PTI candidate from PP268. Abdul Basit is a simple man, who sold all his valuable to compete in the General Elections 2013. He even sold his shop which was his source of income. He was arrested on 25th August and still in jail. Police had filed advanced FIR against Abdul Basit and arrested him from his home at midnight when he was sleeping in his bedroom. Police misbehaved with his family and humiliated Abdul Basit.  This is how PMLN is now using police to take revenge from people who supported PTI in their areas. This is happening especially in the rural areas of Punjab. 

Share this news all over the Internet and build pressure on the government to release PTI leaders illegally and immorally arrested. PTI leadership should also work dedicatedly to free people like Abdul Basit Shikrani.

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Nawaz requested army chief to resolve the situation with PTI

Nawaz Sharif surrendered in front of the chief of the army staff Gen. Raheel Sharif. He accepted his failure to settle the issues with TUQ and PTI. On the condition of accepting army chief decision, Nawaz Sharif requested Gen. Raheel to help resolve the situation of protests in front of Islamabad parliament. Gen. Raheel contacted both Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri and they agreed to deal with the army chief instead of Nawaz Sharif. Khan Sahab and Dr. Qadri already left the protests and have gone to meet Gen. Raheel Sharif.

We all await for the positive outcome of this meeting. Because we trust Pakistan army and also know that they are logical people and not corrupt as politicians in the PMLN. Nawaz Sharif’s requesting army to deal with the situation is an indication that he is not capable enough to lead Pakistan and provide justice to the nation.

Nawaz Sharif bribing media and bureaucrats to save his government

Independent media sources are reporting that Nawaz Sharif retrieved a sum of two billion rupees from State Bank of Pakistan. This money is to be used for bribing the journalists, bureaucrats, and politicians. Sharifs purchasing support for Nawaz Sharif in the current turmoil.

New facts and findings are coming in front of the public one after the other. There is a list of journalists who received money from Nawaz Sharif is also circulating online. People want answers from the government on all the accusations rather than their preaching of constitution which are they have never followed themselves. People of Pakistan want to see law breakers sitting in the parliament behind the bars now.

Do you think Sharif family can win using such unfair means and illegal tactics? Do you think people can be fooled over and over again by the same people?


Sources: Ahmed Qureshi, Jasmeen Manzoor


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PTI issues white paper on PMLN performance

Those who think that PTI don’t have a plan should read this recent white paper published about PMLN’s first year of bad governance. We are so glad that finally Pakistan politics now have professional and educated people who can take care of our interests and raise their voice for the nation. The detailed, in writing, white paper is exposing worst performance of PMLN. How they are mishandling everything, resulting in inflation, unemployment, budget deficit, corruption, load shedding, and much more!

You will get to know that PMLN mandate, promises, and performance is nothing but just “fake”.

Click Here to view the White Paper

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