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Politicians do not want to resolve decade long power crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan always had some load shedding during summer season but not like we started to face since 2007, an average of 10 hours load shedding in cities and 18 hours in the rural areas. We just faced a nationwide blackout in Pakistan last night which went on for more than 8 hours. Its been more than 10 years now and we have not seen any improvement in the power crisis situation, in fact its getting worse with each passing day.


The two great champions of democracy PPPP and PMLN are ruling the country from last eight years and the nation watched their millions of dollars corruption scandals, commissions, self promotional projects like Laptops, Metro Bus, Benazir Income Support, etc. etc. but they never improved the situation of power in the country. Every time they vowed to do something, like building a power plant, it turned out to be another scam. Remember Nandipur power plant. Building new plants is the second step, firstly they should make the existing power plants operational and produce maximum power from them.


Government sector and big industrialists sitting in the parliament are the biggest defaulters and do not pay electricity bills. While the nation is facing worst power crisis, we see streetlights on during day time in our streets. No body cares if people live or die in hospitals, children can study, or people can work in their offices or not.

All these corrupt politicians are interested in is making more money for themselves. They want to stay above the law, they have immunity. Scandals like memogate of Zardari and involvement of media houses with external forces to destabilize Pakistan are a clear proof and indication that our rulers do not want Pakistan to prosper.


Its not about line losses, power production, or anything else, the load shedding problem is because the rulers of Pakistan have no intentions to resolve it.

Welcome Hamza Ali Abbasi to PTI Official Team

As Khan Sahab describes it, Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the heros of PTI Azadi March. Hamza persistently stayed at the Azadi Square and also produced one memorable video of Azadi March “Inside the Container”.

Hamza is appointed Secretary Culture PTI Karachi by the president PTI Ali Zaidi. Hamza also confirmed the news from his social media accounts. Hamza is a great advocate for change in Pakistan and his role will help PTI. He brings a lot of energy, passion, and hope for Pakistanis.
We welcome Hamza and wish him all the best with his efforts for Pakistan.



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Khan Sahab Visiting APS Today along with Reham Khan

Khan Sahab was planned to visit APS on its first day of school opening, but he had to change the plan as Army Chief was visiting. Khan sahab will join APS students today along with Reham Khan and other PTI leadership. He will speak with the students and also spend sometime with the students to ensure them that we stand with them in this difficult time and we feel their pain.

We were not surprised to see some media people saying on TV that Imran Khan is busy in his honeymoon and General Raheel Sharif is present with the students at APS. At this Imran Khan tweeted that he had planned to visit APS but postponed as Army Chief was visiting and he was asked to visit later.

Well its only Imran Khan who brought some sanity into politics and we are able to see some non-political professional and common people into politics. We know that Khan Sahab do not believe in the politics of lies, gimmicks and photo sessions.

We look forward to see his activity at the school and will share more updates on his visit to APS Peshawar.

Best wishes for Imran Khan and Reham Khan

We are happy for Khan Sahab getting married, both his homes in Bani Gala and Zaman Park Lahore are more like party offices.. crowded with PTI people. As soon as he wakes up he has a long list of people waiting for him and he gets started for it right away. I think this marriage will convert his house into a home and he will also get some care… as per Dr. Arif Alvi senior PTI leader, Imran Khan will work better for Pakistan after this marriage. Hope for the best and best wishes for Imran Khan.. he has all the right to get married like anyone else in Pakistan :)

Karachi responds to the call for justice in Pakistan by Imran Khan

Today PTI held its protest against rigging of Elections 2013 in the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi. The city saw a complete shutdown of markets, offices and traffic as Insafians came on the roads to protest against stealing of their mandate in Election 2013 and also to demand the formation of a judicial commission to investigate Elections rigging.

The protest was held in different places in Karachi and was completely peaceful. There were no violent incidents reported as Karachiites responded to the call of Imran Khan for a peaceful protest. The demonstrations at different roundabouts were led by different leaders of PTI including Naz Baloch, Arif Alvi, Khurram Sher Zaman, and others.

Imran Khan was shown overwhelming love in Karachi as his car was surrounded by fans from all sides at Nursery Karachi and people were thronging just to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader. Due to this love and enthusiasm of Insafians, Imran Khan came out of his car and stood on his car’s roof and addressed the crowd from there, amid huge cheers and applause.

Karachi was not closed for the first time, it happened many times in the past. But this was for the first time that common people came out to close Karachi instead of “namaloom afrad”. Not a single bus was burnt, no shops and buildings were damaged, a completely peaceful demonstration proved that Karachi rejects violent and criminal elements in Pakistan politics. The complete shutdown of daily life in Karachi shows that Pakistanis are united in their demand for an independent and impartial judicial commission to probe Elections rigging in 2013 and PTI’s tsunami cannot be stopped by force.

Post By: Sania

Alternative way for Imran Khan

We have heard it many times on tv channels, “Imran Khan should use other forums instead of agitation”. They don’t have a choice to disagree with Election Reforms and Accountability demand of PTI, but still they can accuse Imran Khan for getting out on roads to achieve his goals. These people on tv are forgetting that PTI gave more than a year to this government to address the issue of election rigging and trial those who were responsible. But government never gave it importance and was busy appointing close relatives on top positions, taking more loans, and flying around the world. On the other hand, despite pressure from the party workers Imran Khan not only accepted the government but also gave them fair amount of time. But during all this Imran Khan kept repeating that he does not accept rigging and it must be investigated.

Strikes and Protests are Harmful for Pakistan or for the betterment

Ever since the protests started against the government’s election rigging and the demand for the PM to resign and investigate the elections to hold the responsible accountable. Ruling party along with some journalists are continually calling these protests harmful for the economy of Pakistan. Instead of addressing the situation and conducting a transparent, free and fair investigations of general elections 2013, government is criticizing the protests and declaring them a hurdle in Pakistan’s progress. We admit that these surely are a hurdle in the progress of Sharif and Zardari families but they are for the best future of Pakistan. They are to change the ongoing corrupt government system which has destroyed the country already.

If you check corruption stats, failure of departments, energy crisis, health crisis, education crisis, law and order situation and all other issues we face as a nation. You will find out that dishonest, corrupt, and criminal governments are the main cause of getting Pakistan into all this mess. And now when the people are protesting against this corruption and crimes of the governments and they are demanding for accountability, the ruling elite and their loved ones are calling the protests anti-Pakistan.

We think its a shame for those so called political gurus and media anchors who are are trying to support the government by criticizing the protests for one reason or the other.

ISF the only peaceful students political wing

Today is the ISF foundation day (14th November, 2007) and we would like share our experience working with ISF Pakistan. ISF without a doubt most peaceful students wing of any political party. Imran Khan’s only condition to establish a students wing was that ISF will never pick up arms and will remain peaceful. Imran KHAN never formed a political wing for students in the early years of PTI. Finally during Musharraf era Imran Khan went to Punjab University to mobilize students and ISF was formed on 14th November 2007.

We have seen PPP’s PSF, PMLN’s MSF, Jamat-e-Islami’s Jammiat and other groups. All these student wings are armed and involved in different criminal activities. The power of the youth have been misused by the politicians and they used the young blood for their own gains and spread violence and kalashnikov culture in the colleges and universities. Number of students and teachers were murdered during the so-called political era of 90’s when PPP and PMLN ruled the country.

Famous student leaders like Atif Chaudhry and many others were first used by the politicians and later they murdered these student leaders using the punjab police. However we have experienced ISF to be totally different. We have never seen such politically aware student wing, organized, well disciplined, unarmed, and passionate to end crime and corruption from the country.

Most of the pioneers of Insaf Students Federation are still taking part in active politics and were given a chance to compete in the general elections of 2013. Some key names are Farrukh Habib, Usman Gujjar, Hafiz Farhat and many others. One of the founders of ISF is Hassan Khan Niazi who is also a nephew of Imran Khan. How can we forget Murad Saeed from KPK who is another ISF leader who is now in the mainstream on merit.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan praised the hardwork of ISF at a number of occasions and called ISF the backbone of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. ISF is playing a vital role in PTI politics and are working on the front lines in all PTI protests, election campaign, membership drives and other PTI campaigns.

We wish ISF all the very best for the coming years and we are very hopeful that ISF will play central role in the success of the party at all levels.

Important Tweets on ISF Foundation Day

Farrukh Habib, President ISF Pakistan

Imran Khan about ISF on its Foundation Day

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New Song – Noora – One of the Best GoNawazGo Song

Recently released by the band AXIS the song is a masterpiece. The song is dedicated to all the people struggling to bring a change in Pakistan. The video, song, lyrics, music everything is outstanding and we are sure you can’t stop listening to it. Seems like Nawaz Sharif is committed to break all Zardari records and he is proving it. Chal Chal jaa !



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