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Imran Khan addressing Gilgit Baldistan Youth

Imran Khan is an inspiration to watch every time. Watch out Imran Khan addressing Gilgit Baldistan youth and educating them about their rights, about democracy and how can they bring change with PTI. Imran Khan spoke about true democracy, gave example of Switzerland that there are multiple nations living in the same country in peace because they get justice on their doorstep.

Video: Imran Khan addressing Gilgit Baldistan Youth

Get Ready For Dharna

Khan Sahab proved his mettle in 126 days of omnipotence, facing extreme weather and conditions in the open, tear gas shelling, hurdles and what not. Dharna was shattered with shocking and unbearable tragedy of APS children. It was decided to end Dharna for the safety of the nation and let the nation handle the grim situation. As expected PMLN took its advantage and started to spread rumors of a deal with Imran Khan. Despite the setback of ending Dharna without achieving its main targets, Imran Khan kept progressing against PMLN lies and organized propaganda. He appeared in courts, pursed his case and now finally he has got a verdict for NADRA verification of all the NA122 votes. It seems like although slow we are reaching our target to hold criminals accountable for election rigging.

It was not easy and we are impressed with Khan like always. He is surely unbelievable and we have got the indications from him to be back on streets again for justice and accountability. Faisal Javed Khan also tweeted about container getting back on streets some days ago.

We shall keep coming back with more power and free this nation from the corruption mafia.

Get Ready For Dharna

#GetReadyForDharna Twitter Stream

Imran Khan denies any deal with PPPP for senate elections

PTI media & information secretary Shireen Mazari issued the statement rejecting rumors of PTI deal with PPPP for senate elections. Shireen Mazari revealed that Asif Zardari made a phone call to Imran Khan seeking support and collaboration for upcoming senate elections. Which Imran Khan declined gracefully. It proves once again that Imran Khan is in politics not for the benefits but to do the right things for the nation.

پی ٹی آئی مخالف جماعتوں کی شدیدخواہش ہے کہ چاہے جھوٹ ہی سہی لیکن عمران خان کے ساتھ مفاہمت کی خبر چلوا دیں ۔
اس دفعہ آصف زرداری نے عمران خان کو سینٹ انتخابات کے لیے گٹھ جوڑ کرنے کے لیے فون کیا اور عمران خان کے انکار کے باوجود یہ ظاہر کیا گیا جیسے عمران خان سے اتحاد ہو گیا۔
اس سے پہلے ن لیگ نے بھی عمران خان کے ساتھ ڈیل کی باتیں کیں جب خانصاحب نے پشاور سکول حملے کے بعد دھرنا ختم کرنے کا اعلان کیا۔ کتنی شدید خواہش ہے کہ کسی طرح عمران خان ان کی مخالفت چھوڑ کر مفاہمت کر لے۔ لیکن عمران خان حیران کر دینے کی حد تک مضبوط ارادے کا مالک ہے۔ ہر قسم کی دھونس، جھوٹ ، مکروفریب، اور لالچ عمران خان کو اس کے مشن سے پیچھے نہیں ہٹا سکا۔

What is about to happen in PTI on 19th March?

PTI is facing challenges within and from outside. If we become stronger from the inside we can face any challenge from the outside. Imran Khan has a vision for PTI but sadly some fail to follow it. Party elections was not a new idea, it is Imran Khan’s vision ever since he started PTI. On a question to Imran Khan that why he announced party elections in 2013 he replied that earlier party was not big enough for elections, he added that at times party only had handful of people sitting in just one room. Anyhow when Imran Khan announced elections they were not accepted by everyone in the party. A majority of PTI leadership said that Khan will never be able to hold the party elections. For them it was not possible in Pakistan and Imran Khan was just not serious about it. However Imran Khan kept pushing on the membership drive and after many delays the party election was held just because of the commitment of Imran Khan and his vision.

I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that those who were handling the membership drive, members database, and organized the party elections were largely responsible for the failure of party elections and duplication of membership records and bogus memberships. Amazingly its only Imran Khan who can accept mistakes. I have never seen any other PTI leader coming forward to accept his mistake or error.

Its not because of the party elections that PTI is divided today. Its because of a manipulated and rigged party elections. If we have to make this party an institution, we need to have a system and rule of law in the party. Its not an easy task, but since Imran Khan is doing it we are pretty sure that he will accomplish it despite how big the challenges are.

VIDEO: What is going to happen in PTI on 19th March 2015

The video is recorded from a meeting held at Insaf House Lahore discussing party organization and challenges. Many party officials and workers were present at the discussion where everyone had a chance to speak and share their opinion with others. Main speakers were Waleed Iqbal, Abdul Qayyum Khan Kundi, Muhammad Madni, and others.

The main goal for the meeting was to start organizing workers for the next intra party elections. As per the audit report of previous intra party elections by Justice Wajeh-ud-din the current elected members are to lose their positions on 18th March and a new intra party elections are to be announced.

I agree with Insaf House Lahore moto to build the system / organization rather than depending on individuals. We invite all Insafians to step up and participate fully in the upcoming intra-party elections and take your positions for your party and our goal to change Pakistan.

Are Sharifs intentionally not providing FC to secure boundary of KPK with FATA ?

Ever since PTI formed government in KPK, they are demanding FC (Frontier Constabulary) to secure KPK boundary with FATA. FC was formed historically to protect this boundary touching tribal areas. But now the FC is moved to Islamabad to protect diplomats. Without FC security on this critical boundary, it is impossible to secure Peshawar from terrorist attacks. Terrorists can reach Peshawar from the tribal areas in a matter of few minutes.

Many said that KPK government is a trap for PTI and Sharifs would do everything to fail PTI here in order to secure their political future. KPK is the most affected province because of this “War of terror” and the army, FC and other security agencies are in federal control and they are not providing any help to PTI KPK government.

So what should be conclude? This is intentional massacre by India supported TTP in Pakistan and our central government has no issues with it.

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Imran Khan making smart appointments in PTI

Omar Sarfaraz Cheema is recently appointed as “Spokesperson of Imran Khan” which is a very important position to convey the message of Imran Khan to the nation. This appointment is the latest of a series of appointments made by PTI in last few weeks. Before Mr. Cheema, the Chairman PTI appointed Faisal Javed Khan head of marketing and social media. Mr. Ali Zaidi was appointed as President PTI Karachi. Hamza Ali Abbasi appointed as Cultural Secretary to PTI Karachi.

I think the appointment of Omar Cheema as Spokesperson of Imran Khan is a smart move. He is one of the founding members of the party, contested 1997, 2002, 2004 elections as PTI candidate. He was central information secretary and he was replaced by Mr. Shafqat Mehmood before elections 2013. But this did not turned Omar Cheema down and I saw him participating fully in all pre and post election party activities. He was in the front lines in all protests and sit ins. And now he has got another great responsibility and I think he deserves this and is one of the best candidates for the job.

Although there has been some criticism on some appointments but they appear to be good moves and party must organize itself in the best manner before the upcoming intra-party elections.

Best wishes for Omar Cheema, PTI and Imran Khan.

Despite the drop in fuel prices the transporters are still overcharging passengers

We are getting complaints from PTI supporters about transporters overcharging despite decrease in the fuel prices. Here is an Email we would like to share with you all.

I am requesting PTI leadership to raise the serious issue of transport MAFIA’s atrocities, oppression, over-charging of fare and manhandling of the commuters in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Suzuki, Hiace and other vehicle operators over-charge the fare from the passengers. Several complaints have been lodged to the concerned offices, but no result has been observed.

I would like to request the PTI leadership to raise this serious issue of not implementing the new fares in the twin cities despite the fact that the federal government has reduced the oil prices by about Rs. 40 under the pressure of PTI sit-ins.

Thank you and our support is with you forever Inshallah!

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Gov of KPK opens Pakistan’s first school for explosive handling in Nowshera

KPK government opens Pakistan’s first explosive handling school in Nowshera inaugurated by the chief minister Khattak yesterday. Imran Khan is visiting the school today and KPK police IG Nasir Durrani will give Imran Khan a tour of the facility.

The school will train bomb disposal squads to counter the terrorist activities in Pakistan. This action shows that PTI is taking practical steps to counter terrorism in the province. One of the first steps PTI government took in KPK was to give complete control of the police department to the police IG and stop any political influence in the police stations. KPK police is equipped much better than before and new squads of women and men are being trained to protect the civilians. The school for explosive handling is one major step in this regard.