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PTI Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa in Karachi

September 7th, 2016|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISPTI BLOG, Karachi, PTI Jalsa|

Imran Khan PTI held another lively public gathering in Karachi Nishtar park yesterday and called it Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa. PTI leadership along with the public expressed their love for Pakistan and vowed to take the movement for justice to its next phase to free Pakistan from the corrupt governance system. The jalsa was to address [...]

One Year of Islamabad Massacre

August 30th, 2015|Azadi March, Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISPTI BLOG, Protest, PTI Jalsa|

It was one hell of a night when Sharifs used brutal force to disperse the protesters. Thinking people will run away, leaving behind their leader Imran Khan. But the people resisted, stood there, and faced the worst shelling of Pakistan history by the government on peaceful protesters. Thousands of "expired tear gas" rounds along with [...]

People of Larkana ready to bury the corrupt politics of Zardari under Bhutto slogan

October 18th, 2014|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISPTI BLOG, PTI Jalsa, Sindh|

Interior Sindh Preparing to Welcome Imran Khan Ever since Imran Khan announced his jalsa at Larkana on 21st November, we noticed that people from Sindh are placing orders for PTI products online at our webstore. These are common people who are preparing to welcome Imran Khan and participate in the PTI Jalsa. Hoping for a [...]

PTI Multan Success & Tragedy

October 12th, 2014|ISPTI BLOG, Protest, PTI Jalsa|

PTI Jalsa in Multan was the biggest in the history of the city. Unbelievable numbers came out to support Imran Khan’s PTI. Without a doubt Multan rose up to welcome Khan and showed its support and trust on the leader of change in Pakistan. The tragic incident of stampede at the end of the Jalsa [...]

Imran Khan Interview about Tsunami March on 14th August

June 29th, 2014|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Islamabad, ISPTI BLOG, Protest, PTI Jalsa|

Exclusive interview by Dr. Danish of ARY about PTI's Tsunami March on the 14th August

Imran Khan Full Speech Bahawalpur Jalsa

June 28th, 2014|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Elections, Islamabad, ISPTI BLOG, Protest, PTI Jalsa, PTI Official Statements|

بہاولپور جلسے سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے عمران خان نے سونامی مارچ کا اعلان کر دیا۔

Sialkot demands justice and accountability

June 8th, 2014|ISPTI BLOG, Protest, PTI Jalsa|

اﷲپا ک کے فضل و کرم سے سیالکوٹ جلسہ انتہائی کامیاب رہا۔ میڈیا نے پوری کوشش کی کہ کسی نہ کسی طرح سے جلسہ کو متنازعہ بنایا جائے۔ بار بار جلسے میں شریک خواتین سے پوچھا گیا کہ کیا وہ انجوائے کرنے آئیں ہیں ۔ تحریکِ انصاف کے سپورٹرز نے بھرپور جوابات دیے اور بتایا [...]

Imran Khan’s 5 Demands

May 11th, 2014|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Elections, Islamabad, ISPTI BLOG, PTI Jalsa, Status Quo|

خانصاحب نے اسلام آباد احتجاج میں پانچ مطالبے پیش کر دیے! ۱۔ الیکشن کمیشن کے موجودہ تمام ممبر مستعفی ہو جائیں اور ایک نیا الیکشن کمیشن قائم کیا جائے جو کہ بالکل آزاد ہو اور اس کو وہ تما م اختیارات حاصل ہوں۔ ۲۔ پاکستان تحریک انصاف کی طرف سے دیے گئے چار حلقوں میں [...]

Imran Khan Proved Himself Right on March 23rd

March 25th, 2013|Allegations, Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISPTI BLOG, ISPTI Opinion, Lahore, PTI Jalsa|

Contrary to all the predictions by Imran Khan’s opponents of his declining popularity PTI successfully and bravely held another massive public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan on March 23rd the Pakistan resolution day and now also the Naya Pakistan resolution day. We are not an expert of counting the number of people in such large gatherings, but [...]

Imran Khan gives ultimatum for 23rd March 2013

March 15th, 2013|Chairman PTI Imran Khan, ISF, ISPTI BLOG, Lahore, PTI Jalsa, Videos|

Imran Khan in an event with ISF gave ultimatum to the youth for 23rd March. He said 23rd March will decide who will rule Pakistan, passion or corruption. ISF boys and girls showed determination, confidence and passion to build a new Pakistan with Imran Khan. Students were jubilant to see and listen to the leader [...]

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