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100 Responses to “i Support PTI – Contact Form”

By Adildj_4u - 10 January 2012

You need team , I m ready to work for you . Adildj_4u@hotmail.com .

By iSupportPTI - 17 January 2012

Thank you Adil – I will send you an email soon. 

By Ch.azman bajwa - 1 July 2014

i want to get membership card for pti but not know how i do it plz help me?

By Asad - 18 January 2012

Wow great website and videos. excellent bro

Asad Mahmood

By JOIN PAKISTAN - 6 February 2012

indeed – great work

By Muhammad Ali - 18 January 2012

Dear Sir,

I am residing in Kazan – Russia, I am really happy if you accept me under the plate form of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf

proceed my request


Muhammad Ali

By coki - 18 January 2012


By Bismillah Food - 18 January 2012

You need team , I m ready to work for you (from italia)

By iSupportPTI - 18 January 2012

Thank you everyone for your support for PTI – individually we are all supporting but when we will format a team, we will be able to make a bigger impact!

Here are three types of work we have for isupportpti.com at this time ,

1- Internet Marketing / Research
2- Graphic Design
3- Content Writing

In future we will be having more work areas. You can contact me at Twitter @iSupportPTI:twitter  – I prefer if you guys do not leave your emails here for your own privacy and security. Spammers can take away these email addresses and send you junk!

By mazhar - 24 January 2012

i am ready to work with you admin my email rocky_mazhar@hotmail.com

By Tabdeeli Razakar - 29 April 2013

I run a Tabdeeli blog on tumblr, as well as have regular updates on Twitter and Facebook. And participate in forum discussions. I believe that you need a forum here where we can all interact. Feel feel to contact me via email if you need my assistance.

By Ïftïkhår Åhmëd JøgêXåî - 20 April 2014

LoVe You Khan Sab…

By mazhar - 24 January 2012

i am ready to work with you admin my email rocky_mazhar@hotmail.com

By Jhelum - 24 January 2012

Hey i am here to help… Graphic Designer.. Video Editing and creative mind :) Please contact me on twitter: @Jhelum:twitter

By Cranky108 - 8 February 2012

Dear you are doing a good job in promoting PTI.
PTI desperately needs a cyber warfare team inorder to counter the venom being spitted against the PTI by the  prima facie PML-N hired journalists.

By Tayyab Bhatti - 7 March 2012


By noreen - 12 March 2012

only symbol of success is imran khan…may ALLAH bless him….

By Moeen H. Khan Golra - 22 March 2012

Very Nice job. We need people like you. I like Logo the most. Good job.

By Sufiyan Khoker - 28 March 2012

My message is that in every step of pti, we are with pti! My all family is with pti and we think Only Sir Imran Khan and his team can save Pakistan.

By Sufiyan Khoker - 28 March 2012

 Imran Khan is not just leader to us, he is our future !

By Sown khan - 29 March 2012

we want change

By Azfar Jilani ISF - 31 March 2012

Feel free to contact us to be a part of CHANGE in Pakistan
and make it a country which or ancestors dreamd about.Your Vote Is The POWER!

Azfar Jilani
Insaf Student Federation
Shahfaisal Town KHI

By Zaidi - 3 April 2012

All the best

By Niyyarlodhi - 13 April 2012

did pti have any organization skeleton in south africa?because our people r working for pti there nd we convinced  the people to vote for pti nd there r about 50,000 pakistani muslims in south africa who want to give their vote for pakistn so if pti have any devoloped organization in south africa then do inform because muslim community over there want their rights
we as a pti member are working for the flourishing of our party not only in pakistan but also in the other states so that we can value up our party more for elections.as a worker of pti i had always work for pti since many years nd i will always work for our party 
we as a pti members should work hard for promotion of our party so that we can get excellent remarks for our prty in election may ALLAH bless our party

By Niyyarlodhi - 21 April 2012

mai ne pti member ship k liay kafi bar  try kia h bt ap ki team ki trf se koe responce ni mila kindly mje pti member ship ka confirmation msg dijeay 
niyyar iqbal lodhi
haripur sarae salah
id card no 13302-8508931-1
nd kindly inform me k pti member ship book kahan se ja k lene pre gi q k hm ne bht se logon ko pti k liay convince kia h so hme  btaya jae k member ship book kahan se mile gi ta k hm door to door nd town to town member ship ko yakene bnaen nd please do reply me soon

By farrukh - 17 May 2012

yar mjhe pti ka membership card nahi mila hai

By farrukh - 17 May 2012

mene kafi time se PTI join ki hai or card abi tak nahi mila

By Princesrafi - 4 July 2012

i want to do work with you team

By M Amir Naeem - 25 July 2012

we deal in all kind of printing so please contact me

By Raheelafzaal - 15 August 2012

i want to work for you.. 

By shahid niazi - 21 August 2012

i have been in pti since 1997.promoting and convincing people.this is the time to show results.good luck.

By Jeeway Pakistan - 11 September 2012

Kindly insert the facebook share option with Videos and Picture… Thanks
Jeeway Pakistan
Jeeway Imran Khan

By Ahmad Mujtiba - 22 September 2012

i make a member in sangla hill punjab pakistan

By F.a. Rehmani - 31 October 2012

meri khidmat PTI k ley har time hazir hain.

By Umair - 12 November 2012

And iam Also reay For Being a team member of Pti

By Umair - 12 November 2012
By Imran AK - 21 November 2012

Great Work Guys ……. You are doing Just Great …….. Any Solutions for Overseas Pakistanis ?????

By Adnan Khan - 14 December 2012

Aslame Alecume sir.. main apki team ka sath work karna chahata hun PTI ka liya plz contact me…..

By Shan - 19 December 2012

estimate charges for courier in lahore?
also please send me email at street-burner@hotmail.com as i want to work for pti….

By Sohail Karim - 23 January 2013

Salam Admin, i am a PTI member for almost a decade, it would be a honor for me if you make me a part of your team in supporting PTI , i assure you that in me you will find a perfect match for the task you are trying to fill in.
Also i have begin following you on twitter from now on wards. You are doing a great job and it will be a pleasure for me to give my input in this sacred work of yours.

By Syed Abdul Rafay - 26 January 2013

Where can I get a T-shirt in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

By Asif Malik - 6 February 2013

Sir g multan ka kuch karen…… Mutlan ja raha hai…… PTI k multan me halaat bht khrab hain. Ijaz janjo’a
shb me itni ablity nahi hai k wo kuch kar saken. Multan me PPP n Pml n k strong candidates k against PTI k laiye strong candidates ki zarorat hai…. Jo proper election comphain chala saken… KIndly take atention. Is sy pahlay k multan chala jaye.


By Shujaat Farooq - 20 March 2013

Pti zindabad i m Comming on 23 march

By Yousuf Khan - 22 March 2013

i wanted to be work with you pti and contribiute my power to you because i want change…

By tawab khan - 22 March 2013

Sir i have joined pti and my all group wan to join pti and vote for PTI so kindly give us opportunity to established PTI unit from Tawab khan

By Raza - 3 April 2013

I want to be the part of PTI campaign..plz contact me on razaali_575@hotmail.com

By faisal - 3 April 2013

i m ready to serve this country and people . we need change for the betterment for this country .

By faisal khan - 23 April 2013

asalam walikum mynam,e is faisal khan i want to joint pti party and my vote and support only for imran

khan contec me my number is that 03122166307 INSHALLAH IMRAN KHAN JEETEY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love pti and alll pakistan

By Nouman Mirza - 26 April 2013

i am ready to work with you admin my email muskan_mirza77@yahoo.com
only symbol of success is imran khan…may ALLAH bless him….

By Nouman Mirza - 26 April 2013

iam Also reay For Being a team member of Pti

By Waseem Dahar - 27 April 2013

aao naya pakistan banae milkr IMRAN BHAI k sath

By Prįnce UŠâmâ - 27 April 2013

sir im matric student i want to work for pti and want to become a member of pti……..please contack me as soon as possible

By asim khattak - 28 April 2013

i have notice that PTI is lagging behind in campaign at NA 49 and 48..plz take some effective steps

By Tabdeeli Razakar - 29 April 2013


By Husyn Ahmed - 2 May 2013

apkay supporters but koi hel;p nahi hamari krrha :-(

By Ali Umair - 3 May 2013

Great Job , you are creating an impact.

By Ali Umair - 3 May 2013

Nice , you are crating an impact. I am a software developer and i must say you have a nice site. if you require any updates to site aur create more portals etc. , I’m more then willing to work for PTI.

By danish faisal - 3 May 2013

i live in dha phase 3 lahore please educate me how to motivate and how to tell people to vote for pti

By Kashif Saghir - 4 May 2013

Is there any way by which we overseas Pakistanis can cast vote for PTI?

By Rana Junaidullah - 6 May 2013

i want to do my role for PTI .. therefore i want to paste the PTi sticker screen on my Car’s back screen. So where can i get it please tell me

By Adnan Shabir Qazi - 6 May 2013


Plz do something for overseas Pakistanis voters, there are millions of Pakistanis who wants to vote PTI and for PAKISTAN…
waiting for your positive response!

Thank you!

ADNAN SHABIR QAZI and lots of friends (PTI VOTERS)
Saudi Arabia…

By taha - 7 May 2013

Y PTI candidate should start door to door campane in Karachi ??? DO IT FOR A BETTER AND NEW PEACEFUL PAKISTAN

By Ahsanqasim - 7 May 2013

I am a true voter and supporter of pti !! my whole family is voting for him!!! I love pti!! any type of help required from me i will be there!!! i want a small favor plz provide me pti car stickers or banners!!! i am really in need !!plz provide me!! i dont have any thing !! i was in search but cant find them!!

By malika - 8 May 2013

imran khan we support u plz visit to swabi .

By malika - 8 May 2013

mae PTI ki supporter ho .plz mae kaise member ban sati hu

By Imad - 13 May 2013

I m so afraid to hear that Mulaina Fazal-ul-Rahman will make a government in my province why PTI is silent about that.I am a PTI supporter & I only want that PTI will make the government in our province please somebody tell me.

By Cheeta Pti Da - 31 May 2013

Love Imran Khan

By Ïftïkhår Åhmëd JøgêXåî - 20 April 2014

Support PTI to change Pakistan

By Cheeta Pti Da - 31 May 2013

Awsome Leader

By Md Ish - 4 June 2013

My name is M.Ishfaq. i m 40 years old..in my whole life i never saw any party who used pakistan as slogan for election. I never particiipated in any election in my life. Alhamdulillah that finally in my life i found a party who thinks of pakistan. Great khan >great PTI..Great pakistan

I am lucky that PTI govt in in KPK, as i belong to nowshera. Inshalallah i will do more than i can for this neglected country of ours called Pakistan

By Shanze - 16 June 2013

@iSupportPTI can you give me Imrans email address pleaseeee!!!!! Or if you don’t have his email can you give me any members email address!!!! I’m a huge PTI supporter!!!!

By ABDULMOEIZ - 23 June 2013


By ABDUL MOIZ - 23 June 2013


By Ïftïkhår Åhmëd JøgêXåî - 20 April 2014

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ZinDabad…

By rabbia - 3 August 2013

My name is Rabbia and i wish to join PTI YOUTH WING my email is rabbiajavaid@gmail.com

By Isra hafeez - 14 August 2013

I’m 14 years old teenager isra hafeez I would like to support pti……

By abdullah jadoon - 7 February 2014

sir i join pti and love pti

By Farman Ali Bugti - 11 February 2014


By Farman Ali Bugti - 11 February 2014

I nice person i work hard for the help of people ., and inshallah i will do…

By M Afzal Malik - 22 February 2014

my Great Leader Imran Khan PLZ Khan Sahib Visit Our Sindh Sukkur

By M Afzal Malik - 22 February 2014

Jab bhi Pakistan ko Hamari Zarorat Pari Insha ALLAH hum Sub se AAge milain ge Imran Khan Zinda abad

By hasan kareemi - 5 April 2014

plz imran bahi come to my viilage plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

By Imran Khan - 19 April 2014


By Ïftïkhår Åhmëd JøgêXåî - 20 April 2014

I Want To Member In PTI…I LovE PTI…AnD Insha Allah i will i will meet you…:*

By Ïftïkhår Åhmëd JøgêXåî - 20 April 2014

Insha Allah…Khan Sab Is Great Person…

By unknown - 2 May 2014

PTI…..who can stop SHO Aftab alam of Pishtakhara Police Station who is backing culprits..who is a shadow to illegal things happening in territory,who is the boss of cruel and opponent to poor and helpless,who is going to investigate against the Corrupt Police Officers like Aftab Alam SHO pishtakhara Police Station who even doesn’t give the right of FIR to poor and suppressed against cruelty.Imran Khan sahab me and my whole family voted for change but i am very dissapointed,i m public,we are the people who provide you a chance to bring change,.illegal weaponry and different other illegal things happening in the territory of SHO Aftab Alam Pishtakhara Police Station Peshawar Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa.

By mehboob chandia - 18 May 2014


By mehboob chandia - 18 May 2014

pti luv u

By sajjad ali halepoto - 29 May 2014

i love imran khan

By Sajjad Ali Halepoto - 29 May 2014

I want to imran khan visited my city halani

By Sajjad Ali Halepoto - 29 May 2014

Sajjad Ali

By M Shahzaib KHan - 30 May 2014

We will lead our leader one and only imran khan .. ab nhe to kb???????hm nhe to kon????????

By najeeb ullah - 4 August 2014

I Am 0nly !6 year old…I Want To Member In PTI…I LovE PTI…AnD Insha Allah i will meet you…When you will come to Pir KOH 0r i Will Come to you…Insha Allah We will Make Naya Pakistan…PlzZ Reply Me…Support PTI To Change Pakistan…PTI Zindabad…

By dilafzaarshad - 18 August 2014

I know some thing iz wrong in the bottom,only civil disobedience iz nt the plan.

By Mushtaq Ahmed - 2 September 2014

I love you P t I

By Omer Rehan - 8 September 2014

I want to work for your team here’s my email omerreh@gmail.com .

By Ali Qureshi - 10 September 2014

I’m ready to work 4u.

By Zaidi Zaid - 23 September 2014

I would like to support PTI …………….
is zaid.5657@gmail.com

By MAHROSH - 30 September 2014


By Zohad Anwar Bhatti - 2 October 2014

How can i get my own name like pti support name?

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