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As Pakistanis we all go through the same pain and trouble each and every day. We watch people dying, homeless, unemployed, suffering as a result of injustice, terrorism, lack of awareness, and what not. We don’t want to see our coming generations go through the same. Enough is enough, it has to end and we believe the help of Allah (SWT) has arrived in the shape of Imran Khan. He is one person standing for the rights of the whole nation and there is just no way that we are going to miss the opportunity of supporting the cause and vision of Imran Khan, to make Pakistan a truly Islamic State that will benefit the entire humanity.

Let’s join hands with PTI and end decades’ long corruption, injustice and discrimination between the poor and the rich. Unless Pakistan has a fair government, none of our problems will be resolved. Following is a list of all official PTI resources available to communicate & connect with the party.


PTI Official Website –

PTI is managing its official website, publishing latest news & information, forums, polls, and other information about PTI such as its manifesto, Imran Khan answers to general questions raised about PTI. You can sign up at the website to receive newsletters, Rss Feeds, and participate in the forums. The best part about is that you can watch all the official videos & press releases from local & international chapters of PTI.

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Official PTI SMS Membership

Send an SMS with your Name & City to 80022

As promised by Chairman Imran Khan, PTI has started its membership campaign on 25th March, 2012. You can become a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf by sending an SMS with your name and city to 80022. You will immediately get an SMS confirming your membership and PTI will send important updates, questions, and invitations at your mobile phone.

Moreover, please note that PTI’s membership drive is not limited to Pakistan and will be broadened to include all countries of the world and wherever PTI supporters are present, they can join in and become members.

We will keep you updated on further developments in the membership campaign. So, stay tuned!




Connect with your Local Party Officials

Find PTI office and officials in your area

PTI Officials Contacts
PTI Offices

Join an appropriate Wing

PTI has different wings and you can join the Wing best suitable for you


ISF stands for Insaf Students Federation and students can join ISF to participate with PTI to change Pakistan. To find ISF representation in your institute you should contact ISF officials in your City.

Official ISF Pakistan Facebook Page

Women Wing

Women from all parts of Pakistan and overseas can join PTI women wing led by Fauzia Kasuri.

Youth Wing

Youth wing is another forum of PTI for the youth of Pakistan led by Abrar Ul Haq.

Insaf Professionals Forum

Professionals from all fields, such as IT, Economics, Management, Law, Medical and many others can join this forum to engage with other like minded people and help PTI perform better.


Official PTI Facebook Pages

  1. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  2. Imran Khan
  3. Hakumat Hatao, Mulk Bachao
  4. Jaag Utho

PTI Officials Twitter Accounts

  1. @ImranKhanPTI
  2. @PTIOfficial
  3. @FaisalJavedKhan
  4. @Shafqat_Mahmood
  5. @ArifAlvi