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ispti-membership-card_03 You are just a few clicks away from getting your PTI Supporter’s membership card by Existing and new members can simply fill up the following form and get the ID card at their postal address via Pakistan Post Office. This service is only for Pakistan at this time. All Members data will be submitted to PTI for Member Registration. Members who wish to also join any PTI Wing, their information will be forwarded to respected wings for coordination. Card Charges are Rs. 100 – payment via Easy Paisa – Delivery Mode : Pakistan Post : Get 2 PTI Badges 4 free

Register to apply for Membership Card

Members with complete profile will only be eligible to apply for the card. Our representative will make a confirmation and verification phone call to you. After registration complete your profile with accurate information. Along with a Membership Card of you will also be listed on our Members Directory to form a network of Members. The members network can be filtered by Cities, National Constituency No, and field of interest (Member Type).

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Other Methods to become a PTI Member


Why You Should Become a PTI Member? 

Let’s join hands with PTI and end decades’ long corruption, injustice and discrimination between the poor and the rich. Unless Pakistan has a fair government, none of our problems will be resolved. Becoming a member of the party is very simple and there are multiple methods to sign up with PTI.

  • Simply Send SMS to 80022 with your city and name.
  • Visit and sign up online to become a member
  • Locate a PTI office in your city and sign up by filling up membership form.
  • Fill up the form on to become a member & Get Membership Card


Join PTI Sub Organizations 

PTI members can join PTI sub organizations to work with respected teams. Elected teams lead these bodies to help the mother party achieve its goals.